Looking sharp for the service
while waiting for the cab
Evan insisted this photo should be shown upside down - Australian joke I think
The vows
The very, very recently married couple
The obligatory very-wedding photo
The whole wedding party
More wedding style posing
This was the photo with Tank's friends - you should have seen Paula's
Little coloured bits of paper fly as stilettos sink into the damp earth
To show Evan and I were actually there together
The icing on the cake
If you pay close attention you'll see they should have been standing the other way around
Jackets off after the big meal (1)
Soppy first dance photo alert
By this point Tank had given up on the waistcoat
Mainly due to too much air guitar
The Strachan and Stainsby boys
The Scottish contingent (kilt and all)
Here's the proof that Paula exists for everyone back home
By this point we had just camped out by the bar
Which is probably why we ended up with photos like this

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