hayden rocking out in Polinya
las falleras
small-town parade
salva and the band
we'd been drinking for about 5 hours by this time..
..can you tell?
slightly more formal wear in valencia center
flower offering to the virgin
one of the many amazing fallas
aladdin and i in the town square
a cool bottle-o we found with a wooden flute!
many of them were quite rude
seeing strange things: hippies on the street after the fireworks show at 2am
in the city of sciences
the virgin, adorned with all her flowers
if you can walk, you can parade
..even if you can't
the crowds in front of the town entrance
so happy in Rocafull.. best g n' t in Spain
all the people in the streets during the fire parade
a really cool ninot (children's falla)
one of the most intricate
lining up in front of the fire-crackers shop
paella on the street.. it is valencia after all
exhausted by day 3 but we struggled on
with the help of the highly alcoholic 'agua de valencia'
the big one we saw get burned
the fireworks show begins
up.. up..
and away

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