On his way down Ocean street
Waiting for the train at Hampton Station
I'm not sure this is allowed really...
Pepe is a big fan of Hampton beach
We all agree that Fed Square is a cool place to hang out
As intrigued as all tourists by Melbourne's 'upside-down river'
Checking out the scene by St. Kilda Road and the Arts Centre
While not all that interested in modern British art - Pepe thought he'd give it a go
You'd think he'd know there's no way he could see over the steering wheel
Pepe doesn't realise that to cruise for babes you need to be inside the car
Only the best in visual entertainment
The Eureka tower is bit high for this Lemur
What Aussie day would be complete without a decent imported beer in the pub
Well, we have already been on a train today
No better place to sleep
Now we're off again for something else

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