fantastic woodwinds
with beautiful marijana
jelen and jordi in picasent
the cool people in picasent
jordi feeling left out
they don't remember this...
crazy night at radio city, valencia
jorge y jorge
running away from that damn paella
the bold and beautiful
first concert - denia
works of art in the belles arte museum, valencia
marijana spilling chocolate ice cream on her white dress
with zulaima at park guell
angel, me, zulaima, jordi, dominic and jill
beethoven IX in the greek theatre, barcelona
jordi, tour-guide
with the boys by the beach
by the rooftop pool at hotel catalunya
fantastic woodwinds
the electric flight from spain to cyprus
fiesta siesta!
post-concert greek feast
quaint cypriot hotel
military helicopters from lebanon flying over the beach at lanarca
awesome foursome
where we performed, outside in cyprus. hrm..
being tourists
airport packed full of refugees from lebanon
back in galileo
going out in valencia
dinner in segovia
the gin tonic ladies
smile, la la la la la la laaa
the accompanying dance
aqueducts at sunrise
city of sciences, valencia
the vegetarians and me
the crazy spaniards and me
josep vicent and me

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